A simple RDF database in PHP

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Raffles is a simple file-based RDF/Graph datastore written in PHP. It is written as a way to dynamically publish small datasets easily on PHP web hosting without using an external database.


    git clone https://github.com/kwijibo/Raffles.git Raffles
    cd Raffles
    composer install

see Composer

Creating a Store and Importing Data

    require 'Raffles/lib/rafflesstore.php';
    require_once 'Raffles/vendor/autoload.php';

    $data_dir = __DIR__ . '/data';
    $store = new RafflesStore($data_dir);
    $store->indexPredicates = array(
    // you can configure Raffles to only index specific predicates

    $store->addNamespacePrefix('library', 'http://purl.org/library/');
    // add prefixes you want to use in queries

Getting types of things in the Store

    $types = $store->getTypes();
    // array(
    // http://schema.org/Person => 456,
    // http://schema.org/Place => 321,


Getting Facets

    $dates = $store->getFacets('http://purl.org/dc/terms/date');

    // array ( "1560" => 4, "1562" => 12, "1570" => 31  )

Basic Path query language

rdf:type=foaf:Person (all things of type Person)

foaf:made/dct:date=1780 (anyone who made something in 1780)

    $results = $store->query("foaf:made/dct:date=1560", $limit, $offset);

Results are returned as a PHP associative array following the RDF JSON structure

    array (
    S => array(
        P => array (  
              value => O, 
              type => literal|uri|bnode 
              [, lang=O_LANG ] 
              [, datatype=O_DATATYPE ]


    $results = $store->search("Edinbu");

Running the tests

php specs/run.php


This code is Public Domain. Use, copy, or change it freely, at your own risk.